Menorise; Saturday Sayings

"The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express."
(Francis Bacon)


Yup, the YAMster's on the move yet again; driving back to Edinburgh today for the monthly visit with the father... but also to take in a heap more culture.

It's Edinburgh Festival and Fringe time and I have twelve shows lined up. It looks a bit like this from tomorrow:
19th August
14:00h - Ed. Intern'l Photo Exhib. V130 
20:00h - Equilibrium V127 

22nd August
13:15h - Sea Hames (Orkney tales) V22 
14:30h - Declaration Rematriation V73 
19:00h - Process Day V82

23rd August
13:30h - Austentatious V300 
17:20h - Starship Osiris V61 

24th August
10:00h - Phill Jupitus Sketchman V66 
14:30h -    "         "     'Achtung, Achtung!' 
19:30h - Scotland's Harp (incl Na Clairserean) 

For the adventurous and curious among you, you can tap the venue numbers (eg V127) into the interactive map at the EdFringe website and get a feel for the territory. As if that were not enough, in between shows on the days am out, will be putting the Fudge to work big-time... and as am taking Voovoo the Vaio with me, am planning to post from there with immediate and hot-off-the-lens stuff for you all to get your own version of the madness.

Most of it I will be doing alone, but my cousin thrice removed (and whom I recall only ever having met once) will be joining me for the Austentatious show on 23rd then on the 24th I'll go to her place for lunch after the Sketchman gig and we go together to the 14:30 and 19:30 shows. The last one is a bit special, as Mac1 will be playing the clarsach with her group.

Have a great weekend everyone - will be here with the first report on MenoSunday!

Menolyricaly; a walk around

This place lived is generally grey;
Thus, when Sun visits,
Important to get out,
Grab the day.
Which one does and wandering long
Take the back road
Avoiding Main for a
Quieter way.

It's hot, it's still, and bees are busy
In gardens passed;
Two men ahead discuss
Loud and brash
The merits of the car with them.
"Aye she gangs weel,
Ye'd never hae kent she'd
Had a crash!"

"Och aye, but at least ye'r still on road,
Mine's just a heap,
just a wreck which would fit
In a sack…"
He taps his nose as I pass by
To the wandering ear
At his back;

"but ah've a mate, crack mechanic,
He'll set it right...
An' the polis,  they are loose**
So look oot
Coz at the end o' next month, yeah,
I get it back,
My licence, y'ken, so ah'll
Be aboot!"

My wandering continuing
Take a turn right
Down by the burn, under trees
In the cool
Who'd've thunk it , the need for shade?!
But Sun brings smiles
From folk met, including
The town fool,
Wee Mikey waves to the traffic
Who toot their horns.
His plastic bobby's hat
Draws all eyes.

I leave him behind, cross the road,
Climb up John's Hill
Complete the loop to home
Down the rise.

 © Yamini Ali MacLean 2017

**"loose" in the context of the 'discussion' indicated that the police are considered inept and would miss the fact that unworthy cars and drivers 'under the influence' were 'oot and aboot'!!!