Menogoggulating: The Reveal

As promised last week...

Over at the A-Z hub, it has been suggested that the really keen among the 'volunteers' might like to announce the depth and breadth of their plans for the April challenge.

It is a fact that one does not actually have to have a theme, as such. For those unfamiliar and who do not necessarily want to press links, the idea is pretty basic... blog every day of April, except Sundays, and each day ought to relate to the letter of the alphabet for that day. April this year starts on a Sunday, so we ignore that rule this once in seven years.

I have seen this around the place but have never thought to attempt it. Now that I have finally decided to dip my toe in the water, I figured it would actually make sense to tie all the posts to one theme, as this will surely help to complete the challenge. Those of you who have hung around here for any amount of time will know full well that I have no problem blogging every day - and that too on three blogs. So why take it up?

Well... yes, you guessed it... because it's there. That, and I was asked nicely to join in.

What will I do that will make posts different from my usual and comply with the alphabet rule? (Drum roll, please...)

WORDS... possibly wise

The title does not really help, does it? Okay. The reason I got asked to do this challenge was based on the recent ahimsa post. Mainly, it was a request for 'more please'. Therefore, I have lined up twenty-six Sanskrit words which offer insights to self-improvement and conduct.

Why not do this challenge on the teaching blog (Aatmaavrajanam) then?

Mainly because that blog has got set lessons in place for the month already. Also, at no time in any post there, is the personal pronoun used in reference to the teacher and, furthermore, it's serious. These A-Z posts can undoubtedly remain impersonal, but it will be good to have the freedom to dip into self-reflection and even some laughter - at least for some of them. That is more in keeping with this bloggy, which is my haven, my release valve, my padded cell...

Just in case you think I may have forgotten - no, FFF will still happen! I intend to make the post of April 27th another Hindertwig episode, but it will be based on the letter क्ष  (ksh/x) as well as a page 87 perThe FFF Rulez

Hope you'll stick around for the ride!  Oh, and I will be posting on Sundays - apart from the 1st they will be the Menokakkuls which would typically appear on Wednesdays - given that the rest of the month will effectively be all much like MenoSundays...  ah, there, you see, it will be a month of Sundays here at Menobloggy!!!

Menorise; Saturday Sayings

"The Lord is greater than all: I have said enough."
(Saint Patrick)